Friday, February 24, 2006

Perception through Presentation

Presentation has a great deal to do with how we as Americans interpret different ideas. For our city search we researched Miami which is known for it's warm climate and it's wild party atmosphere. It's known for being the location to meet well known celebrities and the place that hosts many award shows such as the MTV Video Music Awards.
To begin to research Miami I located the official Miami website which was actually quite boring. This may be to cover up for the perception that Miami is known for their wild party atmosphere. From there I researched the statistics and the crime rate. Miami has a population of 366,470 people which is composed of mostly Latin Americans. The crime rate has decreased from 7,880 to 6,461 over the course of five years (2000-2004).
In the Miami Herald there was an article about the three teens who were being charged with the deaths of two homeless people. Two of the teens could reciecve the death penalty because they are 18, the other teen ,17 will just be charged as as adult.
My perception of Miami wasn't influenced by this assignment. I realize that every city has it's up and downs. The official Miami website was quite boring that may be to cover up the negative aspects of the city and to keep everything under wraps.


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